I was very impressed with the care I

Alexandra T. from Princeton, New Jersey

I was very impressed with the care I received, both in terms of strict professionalism and empathetic attention. When I needed something, nurses or nurses aids were always there in a timely fashion to help. I am not a medical professional, but I could tell that procedures and medications were being taken very seriously. The staff seemed to work very well together.

The food not great. That could be improved. (Northwestern's food is really yummy as is Swedish Advocate's.) However, that is a small complaint.

Sometimes there was a little too much "medicalese." While I am smart (Ph.D) and a native English speaker communication could be translated into easier to understand terms during the second round of explaining procedures and such.

That said, I am an extremely picky person (all my Drs know that) and I was pretty impressed with the whole experience. I do not say that lightly. Well done.