As usual, I had a great appointment with

Judith from Chicago, Illinois

As usual, I had a great appointment with Dr. Friedman @ his downtown office @ 30 N. Michigan. With Evelyn at the reception window to greet me in her usual friendly, welcoming, and professional is always a pleasure to enter the office. She is a great asset for the practice and always works hard to try and get me an appointment when I am in pain or having a problem. She is wonderful!
Secondly, it is always a great experience to have Dr. Friedman treat whatever ear or sinus problem I am having. He is very professional and skilled at what he does and always makes me feel better. In addition, he has a friendly personality and makes me feel like he truly cares about whatever problem I am having. He does not rush the patients out of the office; and you feel confident that he will get to the source and help to treat it. Dr. Friedman has been my ENT physician for many years and I am always going to continue coming to him, as I know it will be an excellent experience. Sincerely, Judith Abbey